Newbies’ Quick Guide to Filemaker Pro

Known for being highly effective and customisable, the FileMaker Pro has been helping businesses solve problems for years. Yet, to newbies, it can be quite confusing. What exactly is a FileMaker Pro (FMP)?

Do you need advanced IT skills to operate one? Why do developers and businesses still continue using it?

If you’re new to the FMP application, here’s a quick guide you’ll find useful:

What is the FileMaker Pro?

Simply put, the FMP is a tool for creating solutions. Technically, the FMP is an all-around and easy-to-use cross-platform database application. It includes a database engine that you can modify by changing layouts, screens, and forms.

Have you been to Home Depot? If yes, then you can think of the FMP as a virtual Home Depot.

The Home Depot offers A wide range of tools, items, & resources for building a house. Similarly, the FMP application provides features, tools, & interfaces for solving business problems.

Important Products

The FMP is comprised of these products:

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • FileMaker Server
  • FileMaker Cloud
  • FileMaker Go

Why use the FileMaker Pro?

Easy to use

The best thing about FMP is it’s user-friendly. It’s a product for end-users, not developers. Needless to say, you don’t need advanced programming skills to use it. It even offers step-by-step reporting tools that automate manual tasks.

Saving resources and time

Compared to hiring IT professionals to solve your business or database problems, the FMP saves more time & money. Because it’s drag-and-drop programming, you can easily hire FMP developers to train your employees how to use it.

Highly customisable

Its highly customisable databases cater to varying needs of businesses. You can even install plug-ins that suit your functionality requirements. You can also work around the built-in graphs, web viewers, and tab controls.


The FMP allows customisation, automation, and data publishing and sharing. Users can securely publish databases on the web. They can also share data with other Windows, Mac, or iOS users. On top of that, it has a built-in support for importing or exporting Excel, Tab-Formatted, and CVS.

Cross-platform power

The FMP enables users to create solutions that can run on any Web Browser, Windows, Mac, or iOs devices. Up to 500 users can also access the FMP with the help of other technologies.

Ways to view and operate

  • Preview Mode – provides a preview of data prior to printing.
  • Browse Mode – allows users to enter and view data.
  • Layout Mode – a mode for viewing data in organised layout mode.
  • Find Mode – for easy locating of data from multiple tables.

Did you know?

The FMP is backed by the Apple Inc. Yes, the same people behind the successful Macintosh computer series. The developer team behind FMP, FileMaker Inc., also owns an excellent track record. The developer community behind FMP is strong as well.

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